Sunday, September 4, 2011


I have all sorts of wonderfuls to blog about. It's been a pretty darn happy weekend (even through my aches and pains). We have had some wonderful days with some wonderful people. Thursday, we headed out to Queen Creek to spend some time with cousins. Both of my silly kids love wearing their sunglasses. Sadly, Spidey broke his right after I took this picture but oh well. They were $1. :)

Juli and I helped the kids paint some paper plates (that I'll someday get around to making into little shakers). If you look closey {or click to enlargen the picture}, you will see that Miss B tried to eat the orange paint. Silly girl. :)

My cute kids hanging out on the couch.

Spidey wishes he was big enough to ride Leezer's bike. :) But he had fun sitting on it for a while.

Then we headed to Boss' aunt and uncle's house. We LOVE spending time with them and they LOVE our kids. Gigi kept pulling Spidey's shirt over his head and he would run around laughing.

As you can see, the kids kept trying to pull their shirts over their heads after that.


My kids are crazy! :)

And of course, no day would be complete without Spidey cramming some type of food into his face...this time it was a pink cupcake. :)

The next day, we went to help one of Boss' friends set up his proposal for his now fiance. Spidey had a lot of fun sitting in the pink princess car and pretending to ride it around (the battery was dead).

And of course, this is what Spidey looked like during dinner time. Of. Course.

This was yesterday...Of. Course. He is sooooooo messy!

I am one lucky momma to be this entertained by two very special little people. They make me smile every day.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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