Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boss Appendectomy

On Sunday morning, I was woken up at 2am by my husband crawling into bed and complaining of stomach pains. Being the caring mean wife that I am, I asked him what the problem was rolled over and fell back asleep. Yes, people, I am the worst wife ever. But it doesn't stop there.
I got up for church at 7am and tried to wake up Boss, who told me he would not be going to church because his stomach was hurting so bad. I then proceeded to yell at the poor guy for being a wuss and not wanting to get out of bed for church.
Petey and I went to part of sacrament meeting and then I felt like I needed to go home and check on Boss. When we got home, he was laying on the couch and I gave him an ultimatum. He could either get up and go to the rest of church with me or I was taking him to the hospital.
I called my dad to ask him a couple of questions about the pain and he wanted to take a look at Boss so we headed to my parents.
After checking it out, my dad sent us to Banner Gateway to get a ct scan. Luckily, my kids were already dressed for church so they went with my parents. Here's Boss being rolled in for his ct scan.
After the blood results and ct scan came back, the doctor told us that a regular appendix should be 5cm and Boss' was 9cm. He was in the early stages of appendicitis and would need an appendectomy that day.
The surgeon came in and talked us through all of it {the whole while, Boss turning whiter and whiter} and then my dad and Jp came and gave Boss a blessing. We said goodbye and they wheeled him back to the OR.

It took about 30 minutes but I had to wait for him to wake up from the anesthesia so I got to see him about 2 hours later.

Boss was feeling nauseas for a while after the surgery and fell back asleep right around the time that his parents arrived from Tucson. He slept the entire time they came to visit him and he felt horrible when he woke up and they were gone.

We got to leave the hospital yesterday morning and have just been taking it easy at home.

So many people have helped us throughout this crazy weekend and we are so grateful for all of you. We have meals being brought in, people watching the kids, and so many people inquiring on how Boss is feeling.

And that's how Suze sees it.

PS: Huge shout out that I love Banner Gateway! The whole process took less than 4 hours before they had Boss in surgery. We didnt have a single bad nurse or doctor.

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Jenna said...

Banner Gateway is awesome! It's where I had my Smush.

I am so sorry you had to go through this. Every time I have a stomach pain, I wonder if it's my appendix!