Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watcha Searchin'?

My friend, Jenna, over at Mom, the Intern recently posted about the things people search online that have taken them to her blog. I know I've posted about this once before but there are so many new ones when I checked this time and I just had to share them.

1. Potty training: Ok, ok, I get this one. I've talked about potty training my daughter A LOT. She still has accidents and she is over 3 yrs old now. "sigh"

2. Tulle wreath: Yes, I've made a tulle wreath before. Yes, I love it. If you'd like to make one too, just look at my old posts and you'll find it!

3. How to make a tulle christmas wreath: Ok, same as the above search.

4. My daddy put me in the corner: Ok, first of all, who is searching this on the internet? Second of all, when have I said this on my blog. WEIRD! Funny, but super weird!

5. Amanda Dickson, do get your hopes up: Umm...who's Amanda Dickson and why does she need to get her hopes up? And why the heck did that search bring someone to MY blog?

6. Christmas tulle wreath: Wow, that wreath was apparently popular.

7. Cork screw bow pictures: Yes, I did put pictures of my cork screw bows on here. Glad it helped whoever searched this.

8. Corner cribs: Umm, yes, our crib is in the corner of the room. I hope my blog helped you find what you were searching for.

9. Cute 2nd birthday girl outfits: Ahh, yes, that one time I blogged about making Petey her 2nd birthday shirt. Happy birthday to your 2 yr old, searcher!

10. Gymnastic training: Umm...I dont think my blog is what you were looking for when typing in that search. Sorry I've mentioned that word on my blog, therefore probably wasting your time.

Oh, people are so silly. I hope you had a good laugh. And if you'd like to find out what people are typing in and finding your blog, go to your dashboard and click "stats". Then click "Traffic Sources" and scroll down. Good luck!

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Jenna said...

Funny! I guess your wreath is quite popular.