Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Carlsbad: Part 4

Wednesday morning, we headed to the beach...again! :) My mom watched Spidey so I just took Petey down to play with my sister, Karin and her new hubby, Chris. :)I have no idea what she was doing. She made it a point to get as sandy as possible this day.

We walked down to the water and Petey says, "Look, Mom, this is my pose." Hilarious...and scary.

Me taking a picture of Karin taking a picture of Petey. :)

Then, we all headed to San Diego (it was actually planned for this day, my mom and I had just taken a spur of the moment trip there the day before since that's where she grew up). We drove by my favorite temple.

Then we went to Point Loma and saw the old lighthouse and many other historical things.

Petey made herself comfortable while we were waiting. :)

Grandpa and Spidey and Spidey's hat?

After the lighthouse, we headed to the San Diego airport to pick up Boss! I hadnt seen him in 5 days and was beyond excited for him to join us on the trip.
We all headed to Old Town and ate yummy Mexican food together. Uncle Chris was nice enough to give Hayley some change so that she could make a wish in the fountain. :) (I told her to wish that she could meet Tinkerbell...sneaky mom, since we were headed to Disneyland the next day).
Then, as a family, we all headed to the Mormon Batallion Site to get a tour.

Wilbur Force, Karin, Chris, George and Petey on the wagon outside.

Wilbur Force and Sammy volunteered and got to show everyone how the Mormon Batallion men dressed.

Then, we got to go outside and experience some of how they lived. Spidey loved pumping the water.

So did Miss Petey.

Grandma helping Petey pan for gold.

Apparently, Spidey needed two pans to find gold. :)

Petey learning how to wash clothes.

Petey got to stay at the condo with Grandma and Grandpa that night, since our hotel room would only allow one baby in a crib. Spidey was so glad to have his daddy there. Andrea and I went grocery shopping right after this picture and when we came back, both of my boys were cuddled up and sleeping together. :)

Stay tuned for Part 5!

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Emmy said...

The San Diego Temle is beautiful- that was my temple before we moved- now we go to the Redkands Temple :)