Sunday, August 7, 2011

Carlsbad: Part 2

Saturday, we started the morning with a little frisbee in the courtyard. K Bear (and every other 20 month old baby) does not like sharing and didnt want to give the frisbee to Spidey.

Jp "helped" him share and K Bear was angry. I love that Spidey looks unsure. Since a lot of times he is the one taking things from K Bear, I think he thought he'd get in trouble for having the frisbee.

Wilbur Force and Jp throwing the frisbee around.

Run, Petey, run!

That morning, we headed to the beach. Jp was making small sand castles and letting the kids jump on them.

K Bear.

Cute kiddos, digging in the sand.

Jp started to dig a huge hole for the kids to play in.

Spidey kept trying to run past me and go straight for the water.

Jp's HUGE hole. He actually dug a tunnel between two holes but Petey smashed the middle and made it one big hole.

Im sorry, but this picture makes me laugh every time. I was setting the kids up to take a picture of them sitting by the water and right as I pushed the button, a huge wave came from behind and crash on top of them. Poor kiddos.

Spidey was afraid of the water after that for a while. Poor little guy.

My little sister, Candace, loved the feeling of rubbing sand all over her legs. She LOVES water and was in heaven here. (scary story about her later)

The kids all wrapped up and ready to walk the one block back to the condo.

Wilbur Force and Petey having lunch on the patio.

Later that afternoon, all the girls took a trip the store for some groceries (and a dress for church because I forgot to pack one). We thought this cart was pretty cool. It fit children-adults up to 200lbs.

Cute Petey, taking care of her baby doll. That night, Jamie and Sam and their boys showed up! George and Petey ate dinner on the back porch. (that's how Petey smiles with food in her mouth...attractive)

We found out Saturday afternoon that my Grandma had a stroke and passed away. Ill give that a post in itself later. Sammy, mouth full of food.

The next day, we went to church as a family. After church, we were playing outside with the frisbee when my mom and Candace walked past to put some laundry in the community washer. A few minutes later, my mom ran outside and said that Candace hadnt followed her and she was hoping she'd stayed with us but we hadnt seen where she'd gone either. We immediately rushed the kids back into the condo and Jamie stayed with them while the rest of us started searching.

The first place I ran towards was the beach. Remember how I said Candace LOVES water? We had walked the pathway to the beach and I thought she would've remembered it and gone there. With no luck, I headed back to the condo and we started knocking on people's doors, seeing if she'd gone inside. My dad called the police after about 45 minutes and they had helicopters searching the beach and other policeman patroling the area. After well over an hour, my mom got a call from my dad saying he'd found her in a condo on the second floor. He had noticed the door was slightly ajar and when nobody answered, he just walked in and Candace was right there.

It was such a huge blessing that she wasnt hurt and we are so thankful that our prayers were heard. It sure gave us a good scare. After all the excitement, we sat down and watched a movie together. Jamie picked a movie on Netflix from our childhood called Water Babies. Hello, creepy! Neither of us remembered it being so weird but I dont think any of the kids liked it. After that, we all had ice cream cones out in the courtyard. George and Petey are best friends and I love it! They are always next to each other and wanting to do things together.

We ended the night with Grandma rocking Petey to sleep.

Stay tuned for Part 3!

And that's how Suze sees it.

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