Saturday, August 27, 2011

Open Gym

My sister's sister in law told us about this open gym for little kids every Friday that costs $7, but it's bring 1 kid, get the 2nd kid free. My sis and I decided we would split the cost (since I wanted a mommy/daughter dat with Petey) and it only cost us $3.50 each! I was so excited to go, since Petey literally asks me once a week if she can take gymnastics. A couple weeks ago, I bought a cute leotard for Petey, since she is starting dance in a two weeks. She asks to wear it almost every day and I finally let her wear it to open gym. She was so happy! I also wanted to document the fact that her hair is perfect that day. After the episodes where Petey broke a lot of her front hair off, I've been trying to find ways to keep it back but still cute. I think we will be doing this hairstyle a lot. And her hair curled perfectly that day. Really, I just love her curls! The first thing that attracted Petey at the gym was the foam pit. She had a worker help her jump in. I thought she would get nervous once she had jumped in but she LOVED it and crawled around for a while. Her next thing to try were these rings. She seriously would hang on them and have me swing her for a couple minutes. I kept asking if her hands were tired and she would calmly say, "No, I like it."Petey's favorite thing {which took me by huge surprise} was holding onto this rope and having the worker swing her into the foam pit. I thought she'd get scared or at least, forget to let go but every single time, she let go at the perfect time and dropped into the pit. I was so proud!

She swung into the foam pit on that rope probably 12 times. It was her favorite thing.
She tried the balance beam a couple of times and got about halfway across before falling off. Good thing, it was one inch from the floor.

I got one picture of K Bear...proof! He was there. :) He loved these shorter rings and played with them for along time.

And of course, another big hit with Petey was the trampoline. She can jump SO high!

We had such a fun time and will probably be back again this week. You cant beat $3.50 for an hour and a half of fun {and then a tired kid for the rest of the afternoon}.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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