Friday, August 26, 2011

Fresh and {not} Easy

Today, our computer broke. I woke up to sign on and the screen was cracked. Halfway through the day, it had bled throughout the computer screen.
Boss thinks Miss Petey stepped on it, which is highly likely.
I was bummed about it all day and stressed about buying a new computer. We talked about getting a desktop and not a laptop this time and I was sad. I LOVE having a laptop, where I can veg on the couch and watch Hulu shows at night.
But dont worry, thanks to Best Buy's end of summer deals, we found a laptop within price range. Whoohoo!
Now all I have to do is figure this darn new computer out. It's set up a lot different than the old one and I dont have any pictures on here yet.
We are headed to Tucson in the morning so I wont really have time to blog til Sunday or Monday.
Adio,s my peeps. This has probably been the most boring blog post youve ever read. And for that, I am sorry.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Kelly said...

Not "exciting" but important. Have fun in Tucson. Generally speaking, I like Tucson (you know, for as much as I like the desert anywhere in the world).

When Ted had just started his first semester of nursing school (wow, about a year ago!) his lap top broke. Not only that, but he had a big paper that he had started working on - mostly finished actually - and it was on there. He was freaking out not just because of the paper, which he was relatively sure he could get off the computer by transferring the hard drive, but because he NEEDED a lap top for school. It wasn't really an option NOT to have one with how much work he did away from home. And the idea of having to buy another one (you know, poor college students here!) stressed us out!! So, I ear ya'. And we had to get used to that new one too. It's not fun.