Sunday, January 23, 2011

A 4th Thank You

First of all, yes, my daughter did fall asleep like this while watching her new favorite movie today. I thought Beauty and the Beast would be too scary for her but she is hooked (except for this time when she fell asleep during it). Second, I made a very yummy potato salad tonight. According to Boss, this would be the winner of this week's meals but I am not as big a fan of mustard as he is---so my winner was still the beef and potatoes from the other day. Here is the recipe for this sausage potato salad. You wont regret it.

And now onto my 4th thank you. I received a package in the mail from Sami a couple of days ago (sorry, I'm just thanking you now).
And the contents inside were perfect for me! Ok, all you ladies who sent me mugs---how did you know I am a hot chocolate addict? And we only own a couple of mugs so they actually REALLY help. And they're adorable!
Also, there were 2 pairs of socks...but one of them is already in the laundry because I wore them all day yesterday. :)
Thank you a million times all you lovely ladies that are giving me gifts. It seriously makes my day and reminds me how many wonderful people there are in this world.
And that's how Suze sees it.

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