Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday Madness

Who are we babysitting for the next TWO weeks?

My siblings. It's going to be a blast. And dont worry, we skype almost every day. Oh the beauty of technology!
And today and tomorrow, I'm babysitting 7 people (including my 2 siblings). Pray for me.

How did we spend our MLK day?

Taking my brother and daughter to eat at Ruby Tuesday (Yum!) and
playing at the park.
What picture made me smile the most today?

Yup, once again, it's that squishy little man of mine. Doesnt he have the best, most goofiest face you've ever seen? He sure is a keeper!
How much sleep did I get from Monday-Tuesday?
Surprisingly, 8 hours. But getting up at 5am is NOT fun. And truthfully, going to bed at 9am is not fun either. ha! I'm a night owl and an early riser...not a good mix. Wish me luck---Ill be doing it for 2 weeks straight. Darn my little sister's bus that picks her up at 6:30am.
Who needs prayers today?
My friend's baby boy, Weston, had surgery on Monday and will be recovering for a while. Though the surgery went well, he has been in a lot of pain. This precious little boy has gone through so much in his first year of life and it breaks my heart to hear about it. If you have a minute, please say a prayer for him and his family (especially his dear mother, my friend). Such a fight, that little boy.

My Monday was anything but madness this week. A couple of mishaps here and there but all in all, pretty low key.
Hope yours was good!


blueviolet said...

Good luck with all that babysitting! Wowza!

Sarah said...

I love all these owls on your blog!

Your kids are soo cute!

MiMi said...

ACK! That is the cutest silly face ever!
I sent your package last week, will you let me know when you get it? I never trust the USPS. :)

Emmy said...

Wow that would be a lot of kids to be watching at once.

And his face! Love it, that is the best expression ever, so so cute.