Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Confessional

It's that time again...that confessing time again...that Friday confessional time again! :)

I confess:
  • I have exercised 5 days this week and I feel crappier than I did before I started. It'll get better, right?
  • I watched every episode available of Supernanny on Hulu this week.
  • I have been tired...and with that, comes less patience. Sorry, hubby and kids!
  • I snore sometimes and have been snoring the past couple of nights. Poor hubby has been sleeping on the couch as a result. I need to call an ENT.
  • I taught my daughter to catch a ball so I thought maybe I'd try to teach her to ride her bike. It lasted 5 minutes, if that. I didn't have the patience and she's still slightly too short for the bike. :(
  • I think it's really funny when my kids dog pile on their dad.

Happy Friday, everyone!

And that's how Suze confesses.


Kambria Smith Robinson said...

ya it gets better... you are awesome!

Oh, and as my father is also known as the "human chainsaw" because of his snoring, my mother is an expert at sleeping through it and has miracle earplugs. Davey should talk to her. :)

Rachel Murphy said...

Don't you just love Hulu!!!

Shalyn said...

Girl, I am feeling the SAME WAY about exercising! I got back into the gym last week after taking a little break and gained 4 pounds! Umm...excuse me? haha. The thing is, its about being healthy and just because the scale doesnt say we are healthier doesnt mean we arent, ya know? You are taking care of better things than your weight- you are taking care of your heart so keep up the good work! It will definitely get better:-)Your doing awesome! I love Supernanny!