Saturday, January 1, 2011

Did you know?

---I have never lived anywhere but Arizona.

---I've needed braces since I was 12 but never brushed my teeth well enough for my parents to want to spend the money on them...and right now, I cant afford them. So someday, I'll get braces. :) ---I danced a lot growing up. In competitions, recitals, talent shows, school dance teams, color guard, etc. I timed this picture in my bedroom and took it myself. It took about 1000 tries but I was successful.
---When I was in the 4th grade, I got glasses...on and off wore them throughout high school but really havent worn them since. My eye sight isnt so bad but I get bad headaches.
---In 7th grade, I didnt need a bra. I only wore one because we had to get dressed into our PE clothes in front of each other. One day, I forgot to wear a bra to school. I called my mom and asked her to bring it to me in something that would hide the actual bra. She brought it in a clear grocery bag and I just about died.
--- I have 4 sisters...5 of us all together...4 of us sing together on occasion. Church, ASU bball games, karaoke, etc. I'm the shorter of the two in this next picture...that's me and my best friend (older sister).
I was in color guard/winterguard 3 1/2 years of my high school career. That's me with the cheesy arm/popped knee pose.
---I love babies. This isn't my baby in the backpack below (it's my nephew). I love holding babies, caring for babies, and carrying babies in my tummy. Love it. Wish I had the patience to do it 10 more times...too bad I don't.
---I love the outdoors but it kind of scares me. I hate the idea of sleeping with no locked doors where creepy strangers could get me. I am paranoid beyond belief. It keeps me from camping as often as I'd like.
---I have a crazy family...dont we all? My dad chucked a pillow at us when we took this picture. As you can see, it hit my sister on the end and the rest of us just flinched or laughed.

---Germs dont usually bother me...I'm probably TOO relaxed about them but oh well. They just dont bother me.
Today, I am linking up to The Idea Room.
Happy New Years, everyone!
And that's how Suze sees it.


Andrea Hall said...

I am with you on the paranoia thing. At least you go camping. My fear of the creepy monsters keeps from camping at all lol. If I can't lock the door, then I ain't goin'!

Emmy said...

Fun post! I hate how cold it always seems to be in the morning when you go camping. Who wants to wake up and go out in that? But who wants to be stuck in a tent awake also.