Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wild Wednesday- Find the positives

Yesterday was just one of those days. Boss started school this week and I wanted to just be happy that it meant closer to our end goal. Instead, I chose to sulk for a while that we were losing him for a few months...and moreso that he'll now have to take summer school to get his associates degree. And the other non-open-book crap that we've been dealing with this semester of school.
You see? Arent you proud? My husband would be. I don't actually say everything about our lives on this blog---some things are actually meant to be private. Go me! ha!
Anyway, it was just one of those mornings. By lunch time, I had to snap out of it. So I forced myself to get off my rear end and do something with my kids. I gave Petey a couple of suggestions and she chose the best on of them all.
We made a thank you card for her Boss!
We started by getting all of our supplies out. The usually glue, paper, crayons, and some weird felt heart ribbon that she insisted on using.
She even asked if Spidey could help her color the card. She told me later that daddy would know where Spidey had colored because it was "fast green colorings"...which means, Spidey scribbles fast, therefore, her describing his coloring as fast.
Petey applying the felt red hearts.
And we finished by adding some candy in it for Boss. Yum!
Yeah---I used permanent marker and it bled through. And so did the glue. Oh well. Boss loved it.
We put it on his pillow since he comes home from school so darn late and this morning, first thing he did when he woke up was called Petey into the room and thanked her for the beautiful card.
She was proud.
I was happier.
And that's how Suze stays positive.

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blueviolet said...

I'm glad it made him happy! Very cute!