Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A huger than huge thank you!

I almost never start a blog post by getting to the actual point---the point that usually ties in with my title.
Why start now?

Today was the first day I watched 7 kids. Phew! So glad to be back to only 4 right now.
We tried to go to the park.
Through some miracle, I didnt lose a single kid!
Half way through our park adventure (so ten minutes in...)
I had to laugh when I looked down at my legs. I'm a mom. Periodically, a child would run up, touch my legs with their sticky hands, ask/beg/whine about/for something and then run back to the playground.

I also finished a special birthday present for a special someone. A girly present for a very girly girl. I seriously need more daughters. :)

And...I received TWO packages in the mail! From three special blogs.

The first one was from Mimi over at Living in France. Apparently, I havent searched her blog enough because she doesnt actually live in France. It's her last name. Love it! Here is Miss Petey showing off what Mimi sent. Petey was oohing and aahing when I opened this one. All the girly stuff we girls love to do together. A pedicure kid, nail polish, and a eye cover for sleeping (I know there's a name for those but I cant think of it right now). When I put it on Petey's face, she took it back off and said, "Mom, this is not great for me.", which means she didnt like it on her face. :)

The second package was a double whammy sent by Emmy Mom and CA Girl. I dont actually know who's present was who's but they were both amazing! The first was an AWESOME mug with a chalkboard background. Love! It came filled with yummy smelling lotion and body wash.
The second part was a cute mini Valentine's wreath, a flower pot, yummy scents for my home, and chocolate!
Hope I paired those presents up right, girls. Thank you so much!
How did you girls know me so well? Everyone's present was unique and I love them all!

I laughed so hard because my husband picked them up and brought them to my parent's for me to open. After I opened each one, he said, "You should take pictures and blog about them." and there was no sarcasm involved.
I was already going to do that anyway! But I'm thinking my husband is getting used to this "weird to him" blogging thing---where sometimes I take pictures of random things just for the purpose of blogging. :) He's a good husband, that Boss. So proud of him for starting a new semester of school today. I know he's going to make us proud---he always does. :)
And that's how Suze sees it.


Skousen Family! said...

I want gifts in the mail!

Sherri said...

Nothing makes me smile more then gifts in the mail!! Have to ask, do u look after little kiddo's? cuz I just started & am in the crazy WTH was i thinking stage!lol! I will take any & all advice:)

blueviolet said...

You all are spoiled and pampered! What wonderful surprises!

Shalyn said...

How fun- I love getting gifts from other bloggers or winning giveaways!And that gift for Petey is super cute!