Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Mom

This is approximately the 165,534,897th time I've blogged about how cool my mom is.
But really, that's just an approximate. Who's counting, right?
And really, how easy would it be for you to stop gushing about this lady? Though she isnt perfect and she hates that I talk about her so highly on my blog---she needs to know that I wouldn't talk highly about her if I didn't think highly of her. =DThis is going to be way too much information but my story starts yesterday when I was sitting in the bathroom at my parent's house. Yeah...I don't want to keep reading.
But I promise, it gets better.
As I was sitting there, Petey was knocking on the door, I could hear Spidey crying in the other room, and I could hear the other "being babysat" kids throwing toys in the playroom. I had no relaxation---even in the bathroom.
And then I thought of my mom. Weird, right? =D
Anyway, I remembered back to the times I was living at home. I'd like to say that me interupting her in that same bathroom stopped when I was 8 or younger---but I remember being 16 and "needing" my mom while she was in the bathroom. She'd say she was busy and I'd say, "Ok, I'll just talk to you from out here."
So it doesnt stop, does it?
When Petey is 16 and needs advice or has a question, she will find me in the bathroom or the shower and not even flinch before asking for her wants and needs.
It's amazing how every day, the weirdest things bring back memories of the kind of child I was to my mom and I think, "Is that what 14 years from now will be like?'
And even though it'll be hard and sometimes annoying, I'm ok with that because it's worth it for my kids.
Everything is worth it for them.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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dan and ashley said...

that is too funny you posted about this. my mom & i were JUST talking about this! i remember NEEDING a paper signed RIGHT then, or NEEDING an answer to my question RIGHT then! Now as moms we get the locked bathroom door rule! ;o)