Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Madness

What did we start off our morning by doing?Brushing our teeth! This has NOT been one of our strong points with Petey. I know, she's not 3 yrs old yet but her teeth are already looking yellow---Plus, why deny a kid the right to brush their teeth when it's one of their favorite things to do? She seriously loves it!

What did we have for lunch? Mmm...hamburgers. My first time cooking them by myself and they were totally delicious! Maybe this cooking thing isnt so bad after all. ;)

What did I craft today?
A new wall hanger for Spidey's room...dont you love it? I used vinyl car,s trucks, airplanes, trains, etc and put them just in the glass of a picture frame. I think it looks so awesome on the wall. I'll show you Petey's after I finish it.

More vinyl and key hangers.

And I put some hangers on the wall for the adorable quiet bags my SIL made for my kids.
What did I capture today?
The 2,678,376,283th weird face made by Spidey. He is constantly making me laugh with the faces he gives me when I whip the camera out. Funny boy.

How was your Monday Madness?


EmmyJ said...

I love you and your kids! It makes me excited to be a day. lol. I didn't want you to think I was alluding to me being pregnant. But I definitely will be calling you on a regular basis to get great tips <3

Emmy said...

Holy cow you had an amazingly productive day!! I am impressed. And that airplane/wall thing is so so cute!!

blueviolet said...

They are so cute and funny! I remember my son had a little trouble keeping his teeth clean at first too. It did get better and he's never had a cavity, so hang in there!