Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Madness

What special thing did we do today?

Petey and I were out and about when Boss called and asked us to stay away from the house longer. Spidey had just gone to sleep and he was working on homework so he was wondering if we would go out to lunch so he could have a quiet house for a while. Umm, yes sir! :) So Petey and I enjoyed lunch at Applebees. What do my kids still need to learn?

That chairs are for sitting. These silly kids kept standing up on the chairs. Luckily, no one fell off.
What did I made today?

A couple of matching bows for a friend. I think they turned out adorable! There is white tulle behind the pink bow that is hard to see (crappy camera phone). A big girl headband for older sister and a baby girl headband for little sister.
What made me smile today?

Watching Spidey dunk this ball into the hoop for the 100th time.
What made my heart happy today?

Seeing my kids play so well togethr for most of the afternoon.
What did we do for Family Home Evening tonight?
A special shirt that her Grandma and Grandpa got her in China.
And some ADORABLE Chinese slippers. We are SO happy to have my parents home and to be back sleeping in our own beds.
Who needs your prayers this week?
The first person I ask you to pray for is my beautiful little niece, Brooklyn. Her parents just found out that she has had a stroke sometime in this first year of her life and they are dealing with lots of new things to them. You can read her most recent post about the stroke HERE or from there, just go to her whole blog. There are a couple of posts about my cute niece. I know she can recover and is such a strong little girl but she'll need prayers along the way to help her.
The second person I ask you to pray for is my good friend's son, Weston. I know I've posted about this cute little man before but he needs more prayers. He had surgery a couple weeks ago and was just hospitalized for RSV this past week. You can read his blog HERE.
The third person I ask you to pray for is the daughter of a couple in our ward. She had her son, Brigham, 3 weeks ago and had known while she was pregnant that he had a diaphramatic hernia. He was born and he fought ups and downs for 3 weeks before he was taken back home to his Heavenly Father. You can read their blog HERE.
Hope your Monday Madness was great!
And that's how Suze sees it.

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