Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Madness

What changed in our house today?

Petey is back in her own room. Or Spidey is back in his own room. Either way you put it, we had to split up the kids. Spidey has been having night terrors and they have been waking his sister up and scaring the crap out of her. It has been hard and I feel so bad for my little Bubba. Hopefully they end soon but Petey is loving being in a big girl bed again. It works out because we put up a baby gate in front of her door so she'll be safe in the mornings and not get into things around the house.
What was my favorite picture today?

Monster Spidey!!! He is coming to get me. Aaaaahhh! ;)
What made me proud today?

All the walking my baby boy has been doing. I bought him new shoes as a present for him choosing to walk---or maybe I bought them just because he needs them. Either way, I can call them a present. :)
What made me scared for the future today?

Petey grabbed my phone and when I walked in the room, she said, "Mom, can you be quiet? I'm on the phone with David." and then she proceeded to have a conversation with "David"...and she wasn't referring to her father. She has a little friend named David from our church and she pretends to talk to him on the phone all the time.
How was your Monday Madness?
Edit @ 1:37am the next morning...
We wanted more space under the bed so we moved Petey's mattress up one notch.
I forgot that she falls out of the bed.
I was awoken at 12:30am by a screaming toddler, too scared to sleep in her bed after falling out.
She finally fell asleep on the couch next to me at 1:30am.
Tomorrow, I will be buying bed rails for her big girl bed.
Hopefully this is goodnight but I dont plan on much rest with my wiggly toddler next to me.

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Crystal said...

Cutie patootie kiddos!! Our 4 yo still sometimes falls out of the bed. What a horrible way to get woken up!! Poor little dudes.