Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Capture - Circles

A link that includes me taking pictures?
I'm in.
I used to call myself Momarazzi because of the amount of pictures I take of my children. I don't have an expensive camera and my pictures arent the best but all that matters is that I love them.

So today's challenge over at I should be folding laundry is circles.
I thought I'd capture a few that stood out to me in the house we are currently occupying (for 2 weeks).
The first was a beautiful picture frame my mom has put up in their front entry hallway. I secretly envy the many beautiful frames and decorations she has but then I think...My parents worked so hard to get through medical school and had to live off of a tight budget for many years so they deserve the things they have. My dad actually started practicing pediatrics when I was 10 months old and I am the 4th child---so they budgeted tight for a long long time.
The second picture I took was of two little eyes. Two little eyes that are so completely amazingly blue that even in a black and white picture, they still seem clear as can be. I love those eyes. I love that girl. So glad she will be mine forever.

And that's how Suze links up!

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