Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it go!

I am so done with today.
Actually, I was done at 6:30pm. I tried to trick my kids into going to bed but it didnt work. So now they are laying down and watching a movie. 8pm cant come fast enough tonight.
It isnt that I dont love my kids...but my tired body and stressed out brain are making today hard to parent.

But with smiles like this, how can I even be done with today? They are so worth the exhaustion.

Last night, I cried. I am female. So I cried. So many things have been bothering me lately and I needed to let them go last night. So I did.

I think this is something we, as women, can learn from. When things that shouldnt matter in our lives are making us angry or frustrated, we just need to let them go. We think we can do everything and make everyone happy but we cant. We cannot save the world by ourselves. So why stress?

If something "not necessary" is bothering you, drop it. Get rid of it. Erase it from your mind.

My husband used to ask me, "Is it something you can change?" and if I answered no, he would say, "Then worrying wont help you." I am a worry wart. I am constantly trying to figure out what I've done to make others upset or how to do something better. But you know what? If I cant change it, why am I spending so much time worrying? It's silly, really, all the worrying we do. All the extra stress we add into our lives.

Just get rid of it with no excuses.

In other news, remember the vinyl wall hanger I made for Spidey on Monday...

...with the cute cars, airplanes, and such?

I finished Petey's last night and am loving it. I am kicking myself for not putting this same saying on Spidey's but oh well. I'll find something else fun to do with this saying on it for him.

We really are children of God. And he loves us regardless of our shortcomings and mistakes. So if you're worrying about something you cant change tonight, ask him to help you Let It Go.

And that's how Suze sees it.


Traci said...

Hey Suzanne. First off-your kids are too freakin cute! LOVE your header.

I am exactly the same way. I worry about everything. & even if I can't change it...I still do. UGH :)

Thanks for posting & I like your title....Let it go!

Shalyn said...

Oh Suzanne, I just loved reading this! Every woman in America needs to read it, ha! Thanks for posting this:-)

blueviolet said...

Sometimes I really need to have a good cry, a really, really good cry. And then I feel better.