Saturday, January 22, 2011

How do I?

How do I cook without poisoning my family?
A friend requested that I display my recent cooking adventures since you all know how hard cooking is for me. Refer to the post I have a cooking handicap if you were not aware of my disability.
Anyway, I am highlighting 3 meals from the past week in my post today.
The first meal was manadarin orange chicken stir fry.
I cheated and used a "Simply Asia" packet for my seasoning on the stir fry but I cooked everything else. Doesn't that still count?Steps:
  1. Cook chicken strips in a pan.
  2. Add any veggies you want in your stir fry and heat them in skillet with cooked chicken.
  3. Add mandarin oranges.
  4. Pour in sauce...and you're done.
    It was pretty darn good. I cooked this right before Boss came home from something and I completely forgot to cook rice or noodles to go with it but we just ate it plain. Petey hated it---but we liked it. :)

Meal Two: English muffin pizzas
One of my favorite childhood meals was english muffin pizzas. I know, very amateur, but have you met me?
  1. Lay out english muffin halves on a pan.
  2. Add pizza sauces and any toppings.
  3. Broil in oven on 450 for probably 5 minutes.

Have you noticed I really like 3-4 step meals? I don't like cooking in 3 different pans for the same dish and somehow pulling everything together. Maybe I'll get there...I'm not there yet. I put onions and spinach on my pizzas and pepperonis on all of the kid's pizzas.

Third Meal: Ground beef, red potatoes, and corn.


  1. Cook ground beef in a pan and add any seasonings (I stuck with season salt, pepper, and a little chili powder),
  2. Dice red potatoes (keep the skins on, yum!) and add them to boiling water until they are soft.
  3. I used frozen corn and just heated it in a bowl on the stove. It was super easy and I sprayed it with spray butter after it was done cooking.

By far, meal # 3 has been my favorite this week. Maybe because Boss' aunt introduced me to Shepherds Pie a couple months ago and the two are very similiar. Even though I made all of my dishes separate and served them to the kids separately, I mixed all 3 of my dishes together. Yummm!

And that's how Suze attempts to cook.

PS: Tomorrow night's dish will be a contender with meal # 3. I saw it on Paula Dean's show and am going to try and copy it tomorrow for Sunday dinner. Sausage Potato Salad. Yum!

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Domanique said...

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