Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Madness

What made me feel beautiful today?

My new black boots. Really, truly every woman should own a pair of boots. I didn't get into boots last winter but this winter, I was able to get a brown pair early this winter and I finally saved up enough for a black pair. These ones are by far my favorite shoes right now.
Where did we eat lunch today?

One of Petey's good friend's and one of MY good friend's house. Her good friend is the cute little boy furthest back in the picture. My good friend is that cute little boy's cute pregnant mother. Thank you SO much for letting us come over and help you today! I had so much fun!
What was my FAVORITE picture of today?

Well, let me answer that with another question. Is there a week where Spidey doesnt get title of "favorite picture"? I love my Petey girl too but Spidey is just in the stage of funny camera faces and he's won the picture title for weeks now. Maybe Petey will contend next week. :)
What frustrated me today?

Not the kid pictured below---but the dumb homework he was given that was way above his level. Heck, that stupid word scramble was above MY level (I probably would've sounded smart if I hadnt admitted that it was a word scramble, right? Oops!). It took 4 of us to figure out every answer. How embarrassing! Also pictured in the background is the other half of my babysitting job, my cute little sister.
What did we snack on tonight?

Well, at 7:30pm, my brother asked if I'd make him a shake. (he asks for this most nights and I usually say no). Tonight, I decided we would give it a go. I made a caramel chocolate shake for our dessert and it was delicious!
This little boy's face can tell you how good the shake was.
And so can this little girl's chocolate covered face.
Who's birthday was today?
My cute, girly girl, toe head, very bright, blue eyed, smiley niece. Happy THIRD birthday, Leezer! I cant believe 3 years ago, your perfect little spirit was born into this world. Are you sure it's been 3 years? Really? Positive? Ok, I'll take your word for it. :)
Hope everyone had an amazing Monday Madness. And if you didnt, there's always Tipsy Tuesday---Tipsy? Not sure where that came from. I am NOT tipsy nor do I plan on being in that state tomorrow. I just made that up on the spot so if you think it sounded stupid, you are NOT one of the people that believe I am witty. But trust me, I am. ;)
And that's how Suze sees it.

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Shalyn said...

I love those boots! And I can totally relate to hard homework- I just tell myself its been awhile since I learned that stuff and can't remember! Have a great day Suzanne!